• i love meet and greet outlines breakdown services

    What Breakdown Cover Do I Need?

    Cars break down.  Here at I Love meet and greet we have seen many vehicles which have failed to start and we have seen customers experience different levels of service from a range of operators. In this post we have outlined the different types of cover available and made some suggestions on points to consider…   

  • pack like a marine

    Pack like a Marine

    For military forces, packing efficiently is skill which needs to be quick and easy. They pack, unpack and then do it all again to perfect their techniques. It becomes second nature and we can all learn from their experience. The grunt roll does take a little practice but once mastered is a real space saver….   

  • travelling with children

    Take The Stress Out Of Travelling With Children

    Taking children on holiday can be a very exciting time but travelling and flying as a family can be quite a challenge. Busy airports and confined spaces like aircraft cabins can have the potential to stress us all out at one time or another, but a little preparation can make the whole experience of travelling…   

  • Last minute holidays

    Booking A Last-Minute Holiday

    Summer holidays are upon us and if you haven’t yet booked to go away, it’s not too late to book a spontaneous last-minute holiday. Whether you fancy lounging on a beach or something a little more adventurous there are usually some great late holidays deals to take advantage of and if you do have the…   

  • Tipping abroad

    To Tip Or Not To Tip?

    To tip or not to tip is probably one of the oldest holiday debates; the question of tipping is always one we seem to encounter when on holiday. Every country has its own set of social customs and tipping etiquette can vary greatly between different cultures. It can often be very difficult to work out when to tip…   

  • sunscreen explained

    Sun Cream Explained

    The summer holidays are nearly here and whether you are going away or just spending the sometime in the garden or outdoors, staying protected in the sun is crucial. Even on the cloudiest of days, the sun’s rays can still be present, and you could be exposed to the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays.      What are UVA and UVB…   

  • I Love meet and greet reviews

    Reviews Are So Important When Choosing Airport Parking

    According to research conducted by TravelSupermarket a large proportion of Brits are turning to their computers when researching holidays.  With more than half (52%) using internet search engines as a planning tool, 40% are reading the opinions of fellow travellers on review sites.   And just as you do your holiday, it is equally as important to check customers’ experiences…   

  • I Love meet and greet

    Do You Need Special Assistance At Gatwick?

    Do you need special assistance at Gatwick?   The airport has many services and facilities on offer to help passengers who may need a little extra help or who have specific requirements and their aim is to be the UK’s most accessible airport, giving everybody an equal opportunity to fly. One new initiative which they have recently launched,…   

  • Barcelona

    Spotlight On Barcelona

    Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage and is today an important cultural centre and a major tourist destination. The city, the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region is known for its art and architecture and rich history. From magnificent creations and buildings designed by the famous Antonio Gaudí to lovely clean urban beaches, Barcelona has much to offer any visitor.   As the…