• Mother's Day

    Brits Willing to Travel Far on Mother’s Day

    With Mother’s Day just around the corner on Sunday 11 March, a new survey has revealed that Brits are willing to go the extra mile (10,000 to be exact) to spend quality time with their mum. Our friends, the travel experts at airFair asked 1,000 Brits how far they would travel to see their mum…   

  • Travel trends 2018

    Trends for Travel in 2018

    Now that the first couple of months of the year are almost over we can review all the predictions for travel in 2018 and see which guesses are most mentioned and therefore likely to be true! We have ploughed through the internet to see what the experts believe will be the travel habits for 2018….   

  • Valentines Day Inspiration and Ideas

    Valentines Inspiration and Ideas

    If you are looking to woo your partner with a city break for this year’s Valentines Day treat, Europe offers some of the most romantic cities (think Paris, Rome, Berlin) – all within a few hours flight time and full of beautiful hotels and fabulous restaurants. Have a look at the Telegraph’s top choices here….   

  • Driving in Bad Weather I Love meet and greet

    Bad Weather Driving Tips

    We all know that the weather has a huge impact on how we drive and can affect the driving conditions on the roads. Weather is unpredictable and changes very quickly, making big differences to our normal driving. Adverse weather conditions like wet, icy, snowy and fog can all make roads very treacherous. Our experienced drivers,…   

  • Drinking while flying

    Should You Drink While Flying?

    For many people having a drink at the airport or whilst on the plane is the official start of their holiday, sunnier shores and part of their travel experience. For others a drink might help with the stresses of the airport or soothe flying nerves, but should we really be drinking at the airport and…   

  • Ski season

    What’s New this Ski Season

    The European ski season this year has got off to one of its best starts in several years with reports of amazing snow fall in the Alps already. Some resorts, particularly in the northern Alps have received masses of fresh snow already, even to low levels.  And if you are considering or have booked a…   

  • Skiing in USA

    America’s Best Ski Resorts

    With the arrival of the wintry weather here in the UK, the ski season is definitely upon us. And with many of I Love meet and greet customers hitting the slopes over the next few months, both in Europe and the US, we thought we would take a look at America’s most popular ski resorts…   

  • New security measures for USA flights

    New Security Measures For All USA Flights

    Are you flying to the United States? From last month new security measures for all flights to the USA came into effect to comply with US government requirements to avoid an in-cabin ban on laptops. With over 325,000 airline passengers on nearly 2,000 commercial flights from 105 countries being affected and with so many of…   

  • Night time driving

    Five Tips To Stay Safe While Driving at Night

    Now that Autumn has well and truly arrived; the clocks are just about to go back an hour, the days will be getting shorter and the nights longer. Motorists will find themselves driving more in the dark which can pose extra challenges during the winter months. Night blindness, reduced visibility, increased difficulty in judging speed,…