• Places to eat at Gatwick Airport

    Places to Eat at Gatwick Airport

    Travelling from Gatwick Airport? Get your holiday or trip away off to a relaxing start by enjoying a meal in one of the many restaurants, bars and food outlets the airport has to offer. I Love meet and greet has put together a complete guide to all the restaurants, cafes and bars available at both…   

  • Most Extreme Airports

    Here at I Love meet and greet, we love to listen to our customers’ stories of places they are flying off to or where they have been on holiday, when they drop off or collect their cars from us outside the airport. Their stories about the busiest airports, small airports and, in particular, the scariest…   

  • Expansion at Gatwick Ariport

    The Development of Airport Culture

    Over the years airports around the world have developed into centres of culture, recreation and business. ..it is hard to believe that airports were initially small functional buildings and now they are multi-purpose hubs with retail outlets, dining facilities, hotels and much more to match the customers’ ever-changing demands.

  • Great British Bee Count

    Doing our bit for the Great British Bee

    According to Friends of the Earth our bees are in crisis as they have lost much of their natural habitat in the past 60 years and are under assault from pesticides and intensive farming. The UK has lost a shocking 20 species of bee and a further quarter, are on the red list of threatened…   

  • Beehive building Gatwick Airport

    A look back at the history of Gatwick Airport

    Gatwick Airport is the second largest airport in the UK flying to 200 destinations and can handle more than 40 million passengers a year. The airport has changed significantly over the last few years and we thought we would take a quick look back at how it all began and some of the history of…   

  • Airports with I Love meet and greet

    Airports…You either love them or hate them

    The word airport conjures up many different connotations depending on the person. Some people will categorically not let themselves start enjoying their holiday until the dreaded ‘airport bit is out of the way’ while others love the whole experience.

  • Gatwick airport I Love Meet and Greet

    A guide to Gatwick airport

    Gatwick might only be the second biggest airport in London, but that means it’s also the second busiest in the whole of the UK. In fact, it’s home to the world’s busiest single-use runway, with last year seeing up to 53 take-offs and landings per hour to and from the likes of America, Canada, the…   

  • I Love meet and greet

    Get better value at the airport with Meet & Greet parking

      Going on holiday might be one of the most exciting times of the year, but with the hassle of airport parking your enthusiasm can be drained before you’ve even checked in. Actually finding an out-of-the-way airport park can be difficult, then once you’ve finally reached it you often have to fill out a bunch…