• Travel trends 2018

    Trends for Travel in 2018

    Now that the first couple of months of the year are almost over we can review all the predictions for travel in 2018 and see which guesses are most mentioned and therefore likely to be true! We have ploughed through the internet to see what the experts believe will be the travel habits for 2018….   

  • Valentines Day Inspiration and Ideas

    Valentines Inspiration and Ideas

    If you are looking to woo your partner with a city break for this year’s Valentines Day treat, Europe offers some of the most romantic cities (think Paris, Rome, Berlin) – all within a few hours flight time and full of beautiful hotels and fabulous restaurants. Have a look at the Telegraph’s top choices here….   

  • Drinking while flying

    Should You Drink While Flying?

    For many people having a drink at the airport or whilst on the plane is the official start of their holiday, sunnier shores and part of their travel experience. For others a drink might help with the stresses of the airport or soothe flying nerves, but should we really be drinking at the airport and…   

  • Ten airport films

    Top Ten Airport Films

    Airport movies certainly have some of the most diverse settings of any film genre. Over the decades airports, airlines and airplanes have witnessed drama, action, romance and even comedy in a variety of airport films. We, at I Love meet and greet, have selected our top ten airport films; ranging from disaster films and preventing…   

  • I Love meet and greet Valentines Gateway

    Valentine’s Getaways

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, thousands of couples around the world will be planning exciting surprises for their partners. Romantic holidays are the ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one you love but with hundreds of Valentine’s Day packages across a variety of different countries, how can you pick the perfect…   

  • Most Extreme Airports

    Here at I Love meet and greet, we love to listen to our customers’ stories of places they are flying off to or where they have been on holiday, when they drop off or collect their cars from us outside the airport. Their stories about the busiest airports, small airports and, in particular, the scariest…   

  • Best Couple Holidays

    Best Holidays For Couples

    Are you looking for the ideal couples’ holiday? In need of a relaxing stylish city break to spend some time together or a romantic couples-only break to kick off the New Year? Listening to our customers, we have compiled our top destinations for any lovers wishing to fly off into the sunset looking for a…   

  • Christmas Traditions with I Love meet and greet

    Christmas Traditions Around the World

    The wonder and magic of Christmas will soon be here and as our customers book their holiday airport parking for the festive season we thought we would look at whether Christmas traditions around the world are like the treasured ones we have here in the UK, such as leaving a mince pie out for Santa…   

  • Firework Festivals

    Firework Festivals

    Remember, remember the fifth of November…Bonfire Night is also known as Fireworks Night or Guy Fawkes Night here in the UK. It’s a British tradition dating back to the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, when Catholic conspirator Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James the First. The anniversary of Fawkes’…