• Great British Bee Count

    Buzzing for the Great British Bee for the Second Year

    From 19 May to 30 June, I Love meet and greet will be joining the many schools, groups and organisations as they support the Great British Bee Count 2016 for the second year in a row.

  • Ardingly Solar Vehicle

    Our environmental programme round-up

    I Love meet and greet is very keen to minimise the impact on our environment and is an enthusiastic supporter of many environmental campaigns. We strongly believe that we all hold a responsibility to look after and care for our planet and as part of our ongoing environmental programme; we have supported many sustainable projects.

  • Great British Bee Count

    Doing our bit for the Great British Bee

    According to Friends of the Earth our bees are in crisis as they have lost much of their natural habitat in the past 60 years and are under assault from pesticides and intensive farming. The UK has lost a shocking 20 species of bee and a further quarter, are on the red list of threatened…