• Great British Bee Count

    Buzzing for the Great British Bee for the Second Year

    From 19 May to 30 June, I Love meet and greet will be joining the many schools, groups and organisations as they support the Great British Bee Count 2016 for the second year in a row.

  • Hand luggage with I Love meet and greet

    Travelling Light with Hand Luggage Only

    Whether you are going away on a weekend city break or short trip, travelling with hand luggage will not only save you considerable time at the airport but will save you pounds too, making your break away even better value for money. And with the cost of checked in baggage as much as £75 in…   

  • European Christmas markets

    Europe’s Christmas Markets

    Christmas is fast approaching and what better way to get into the festive spirit than a short break to one of the many beautiful Christmas Markets, Europe has to offer. Originating around the time of the Middles Ages, Christmas markets give you the chance not only to experience the history of the city but to…   

  • Halloween Traditions around the World

    Halloween Traditions around the World

    If you are thinking about travelling abroad this Halloween, you might be surprised to find that for other countries the end of October isn’t all about trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving. For many countries Halloween, in its varied forms, is a day where the spirits of the dead can connect with the living.

  • DVLA

    Changes to our driving licence explained

    As you may have already seen in the news recently, the UK paper counterpart driving licence for all existing photocard driving licence holders is to be scrapped on the 8th June 2015.

  • I Love meet and greet

    All inclusive versus self-catering

    At I Love Meet and Greet, after years of conversations with our customers about their holidays, we’ve heard all the arguments about whether it’s better to go all inclusive or stick to self-catering. When booking a holiday, most people are faced with the dilemma of trying to figure out which board type is going to…   

  • Reverse gear

    Is reverse gear the hardest gear to find?

    At I Love Meet and Greet even with our  years of driving experience behind us, we can see how  that reverse gear must be the most difficult gear to find. Curious to find out if it’s just us that would vote reverse as the hardest gear to find, we asked some of our customers their…   

  • Travelling with children

    Travelling with children at Gatwick Airport

    Although Gatwick Airport may not have a 4 storey tall fun slide between floors like Singapore Changi airport, it is however still great for families. From special baby care rooms to designated kid zones, Gatwick Airport has a range of facilities geared towards easing the journey for parents travelling with babies and children.

  • Things to do at Gatwick Airport with I Love meet and greet

    Things to do at the airport before your flight

    At I Love Meet and Greet, our valet parking service allows our customers to leave their cars right outside of the terminal, which not only leaves them with a hassle-free start to their holiday, but also gives them more time to explore the airport. For some, we understand that waiting for a flight can seem…