British Bee Count

The I Love Meet and Greet airport parking teams at Gatwick and Stansted are are supporting the Great British Bee Count organised Friends of the Earth. For the month of May, I Love Meet and Greet will be spotting bees and registering their count on the Friends of the Earth website plus they’ve already planted some flowers rich in nectar and pollen in the fields adjacent to their HQ.Sarah Anglim, managing director at I Love meet and greet, explains: “We very much wanted to do our bit for the british bees. Our teams are either driving to and from the airport or parking customers' cars, so we have a great opportunity to count bees while we work. We’ve also been planting lots of beautiful flowers nearby to attract more bees. "

I Love meet and greet drivers carry smartphones during their working day so they are using the free app to record the data. The app can be downloaded from Itunes or the Google Play store. To find out more about the event, including how to take part, click on:

Thursday, May 7, 2015

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