The Fun Of Planning Your Holiday

For some of us planning a holiday can seem to be stressful and challenging. A study in 2010, however, showed that all holidaymakers experienced a significant boost in happiness during the planning stages of the trip because, as the researchers suggest, they were looking forward to the good times ahead.


So, planni…

By Sarah Anglim at 10 Mar 2020

First Half Term After Brexit

The start of February always makes parents think about half-term, and this half-term might cause more concern as this is first school holiday since the UK left the EU. Here at I love meet and greet we have been monitoring the situation closely so we can understand how people’s travel might be affected. And we have some straightforward guidance on travel during this half-te…

By Sarah Anglim at 3 Feb 2020

Love Is In The Air

kiss kiss

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away and the hope that we will start to feel a hint of spring in the air, February is one of the most romantic months of the year.  If you are looking to plan a couples holiday, a surprise for your partner or even a proposal, the world is full of options guaranteed to add romance to your trip.


By Sarah Anglim at 27 Jan 2020

Celebrate The Year Of The Rat In Hong Kong

The Chinese New Year starts on 25th January 2020 and seeing in the New Year in Hong Kong is a great way to enjoy a traditional occasion in a modern city. The Chinese Year is based on the lunar calendar and there is some debate about the exact times, so the celebrations tend to cover several days, if not weeks. You can count on festivities continuing until 4

By Sarah Anglim at 23 Jan 2020

Are You Shocked By Electric Cars

Although the exact date is still disputed, the first electric car is thought to have appeared in the mid-19th century, then attention shifted to petrol-driven vehicles until the 1960s when a small revival of interest in electricity as fuel started the trend which we see gaining momentum today.


Plug-in …

By Sarah Anglim at 16 Jan 2020

The 2020 Ski Season

There has been a good mix of heavy snow combined with plenty of high pressure to create the perfect ski weather in the Alps so far this year and although it is impossible to predict exactly where will get how much snow, 2020 is looking like it will be a bumper season.


Are you bringing your family to the slopes th…

By Sarah Anglim at 14 Jan 2020

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