Get Better Value At The Airport With Meet Greet Parking

Going on holiday might be one of the most exciting times of the year, but with the hassle of airport parking your enthusiasm can be drained before you’ve even checked in.

Actually finding an out-of-the-way airport park can be difficult, then once you’ve finally reached it you often have to fill out a bunch of forms, before waiting on a bus to take you to the airport itself.

What a…

By Sarah Anglim at 12 Mar 2013

Recognising The Importance Of Mothers Day

Sarah Anglim, the Managing Director here at I Love Meet and Greet, is well aware of the significance of Mother’s Day.

While being the first to admit the influence her mother had on her life, Sarah also recognises the importance of her own position as a role model for females looking to make inroads into professions normally associated with men.

Today, Sarah is at the h…

By Stephen at 4 Mar 2013

How Social Media Helps Your Holiday Choice

A recent study has shown how social media infiltrates almost every aspect of our lives.

The report by Rebtel, a mobile voice over IP company, has linked users’ feelings to both heavy and light social media use, and found it keeps us entertained, connects us with friends and can even provoke bouts of jealousy and envy.

But here at I Love Meet and Greet, it’s the imp…

By Sarah Anglim at 26 Feb 2013

Meet And Greet Then Apres Ski

Almost £1.7bn will be spent nationwide entertaining our children this half term.

On average, parents will shell out £230 over the holidays in an effort to prevent their kids climbing the walls with boredom – and Londoners are hit hardest, racking up a total half term spend of £469.

Traditionally, parents admit the February half term is the most difficult holiday for am…

By Sarah Anglim at 21 Feb 2013

Treat Your Valentine With Meet And Greet Parking

When planning a romantic trip away, it’s best not to leave it in the lap of the gods

Aphrodite and Venus, despite embodying love, beauty, pleasure and procreation, knew little about the logistics of arranging the perfect surprise trip.

Here at I Love meet and greet, we don’t claim to be gods – but our meet and greet parking is certainly close to …

By Sarah Anglim at 11 Feb 2013

Parking Politely 2

Last year insurance giant AXA looked at the most stressful aspects of modern life and, unsurprisingly, parking was voted in the top five.  Even experienced drivers will go out of their way to avoid parking in certain areas and some decide to leave the car and not park at all.

What shocks me, though, is that the parking industry is well aware of this.

It’s also familiar…

By Sarah Anglim at 7 Feb 2013

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