Wear Airport

In recent years airport fashion has become more and more of a thing. It all started with celebrities setting the trends for women travellers with the two-piece Juicy velour tracksuits combined with the Louis Vuiton holdall. Now even shops have their own section for ‘Airport Clothing’ including the popular online retailer ASOS.

At I Love Meet and Greet everyday we see thousand…

By Sarah Anglim at 1 Sep 2014

Top 5 In Flight Essentials

Amongst the panic of trying to pack all of the necessities for a getaway, many people forget to consider what they might need for their flight. Apart from the obvious things like passports and tickets, there are a few other items that are definitely worth remembering to ensure your flying experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

At I L…

By Sarah Anglim at 17 Aug 2014

Inclusive Self Catering 2

At I Love Meet and Greet, after years of conversations with our customers about their holidays, we’ve heard all the arguments about whether it’s better to go all inclusive or stick to self-catering. When booking a holiday, most people are faced with the dilemma of trying to figure out which board type is going to be most cost-effective and at the same time enjoyable. We’ve done some research wh…

By Sarah Anglim at 6 Aug 2014

Rewarding Loyalty Airport 2

At I Love Meet and Greet we have just recently launched our new loyalty scheme, the ‘Airport Parking Club'. After seeing many high street brands successfully introduce loyalty rewards, we felt it was time that we showed our customers just how much we care by giving them something back!

The Airport Parking Club, exclusive to our I Love Meet and Greet customers, offers a free v…

By Sarah Anglim at 30 Jul 2014

Reverse Gear Hardest Gear Find

At I Love Meet and Greet even with our  years of driving experience behind us, we can see how  that reverse gear must be the most difficult gear to find. Curious to find out if it’s just us that would vote reverse as the hardest gear to find, we asked some of our customers their views on the matter.

It turns out that we’re not alone. Nearly 90% of our customers agreed with us…

By Sarah Anglim at 21 Jul 2014

Travelling Children Gatwick Airport

Although Gatwick Airport may not have a 4 storey tall fun slide between floors like Singapore Changi airport, it is however still great for families. From special baby care rooms to designated kid zones, Gatwick Airport has a range of facilities geared towards easing the journey for parents travelling with babies and children.

Above all, it has us! At I Love Meet and Greet we…

By Sarah Anglim at 15 Jul 2014

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