Easter Weekend Breaks

The team at I Love meet and greet is looking forward to the first long bank holiday weekend of the year as we prepare for the thousands of cars that we will be looking after whilst our customers take advantage of the Easter weekend.  The four-day weekend provides the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a last-minute break. Aside from the popular Easter …

By Sarah Anglim at 3 Apr 2017

Accessible Holidays

According to statistics over 20% of the UK population is currently living with a disability, ranging from mobility problems to hearing and sight impairments. The number of less-abled and disabled people is also increasing every year. Having to consider and cater for your disability, if you are travelling or going aboard can be quite stressful and daunting, but a greater number of travel compani…

By Sarah Anglim at 20 Mar 2017

Top Ten Airport Films

Airport movies certainly have some of the most diverse settings of any film genre. Over the decades airports, airlines and airplanes have witnessed drama, action, romance and even comedy in a variety of airport films. We, at I Love meet and greet, have selected our top ten airport films; ranging from disaster films and preventing an airplane cras…

By Sarah Anglim at 6 Mar 2017

Foodie Holidays

Everyone looks forward to exploring new cuisines on their travels and we certainly enjoy hearing our customers’ stories about the exciting holiday food they have experienced. In cities across the world you can find some of the best cuisine on the planet; from fine-dining and gourmet restaurants to cosy cafes and street food markets, there are plenty of eateries ideal for any ‘foodie’. If you lo…

By Sarah Anglim at 20 Feb 2017

Valentines Getaways

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, thousands of couples around the world will be planning exciting surprises for their partners. Romantic holidays are the ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one you love but with hundreds of Valentine’s Day packages across a variety of different countries, how can you pick the perfect romantic Valentine’s getaway?

By Sarah Anglim at 6 Feb 2017

Most Extreme Airports

Here at I Love meet and greet, we love to listen to our customers’ stories of places they are flying off to or where they have been on holiday, when they drop off or collect their cars from us outside the airport. Their stories about the busiest airports, small airports and, in particular, the scariest runways are hugely fascinating.

By Sarah Anglim at 23 Jan 2017

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