Christmas Gift Ideas For Car Lovers

Here at I Love meet and greet we are extremely passionate about cars, all cars no matter what shape or size, and we are fortunate enough to get to see and park a significant number of beautiful cars each year.

Our staff love cars, they love looking after cars, they love everything about cars and if you know a car fan and need a little inspiration for present ideas, I Love meet and greet share a pick of some Christmas gift ideas for that budding motorist in your life.

Car Care Kit

For anyone that likes to clean their car regularly, a cleaning kit is the perfect gift. Most kits contain not only products required for the weekly wash, such as car shampoo but also include items for wheel cleaning, interior care, tyre, rubber and exterior trim care along with glass cleaners. There are many brands available from Autoglym, Turtle Wax to the King of Sheen which has a waterless cleaning kit which saves on water and claims to clean your entire vehicle to a showroom standard.

Car Pressure Washer

Again, for anyone who likes to clean their car on a regular basis, a Karcher pressure washer can make light work of cleaning but is still gentle enough for delicate paintwork. Check that it comes with a car kit that includes a wash brush, foam nozzle and car shampoo for effortless car cleaning.


A dashboard camera or dash cam is an in-car digital camcorder which is mounted to the windscreen and captures everything in front of your car, a great gift for anyone that does a lot of driving.

Dash cams are very useful if you are looking to protect your no-claim bonus as footage can be used to protect you from having to pay for out on a false claim; some insurers are actually offering money off your premiums if you have a working camera in your car.

Dash cams are also useful for analysing your driving performance and just capturing that scenic route whilst you are driving. The majority of dash cams come with GPS to identify your precise location and speed, some have features such as G-force sensors to measure impact and some have built-in wi-fi enabling you download footage to your phone.

Off Road Driving/Super Car or Classic Car Experience

Virgin Experience Days is the perfect place to find driving experience days. Give your car enthusiast an exciting day to remember with an off-road driving experience with plenty of twists, turns and bumps and hills to climb. Buy them the thrill of racing around a real race track in supercars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Porsches. Or let them enjoy a stint in a classic car such as a Jaguar E-type. Alfa Romeo Spider, MGB Roadster, Jenson Interceptor or HMC Healey taking to the open roads.

Subscription To A Car Magazine

A car magazine subscription is an ideal gift which will keep on giving all year round and there are quite a few car magazines to choose from; Top Gear, Car, Auto Express, Classic Cars to name a few. Most offer six- or twelve-months subscriptions and are great for keeping up to date with the latest news, car reviews, features and consumer info.

Car Keyless Entry Fob Guard Signal Bag

If your car lover drives a keyless car, why not buy them a car keyless entry fob guard signal blocker. The car keyless entry fob emits a short-range signal which allows you to open your car without pressing any buttons on the fob, however criminals can use special signal amplifiers to amplify this signal and gain entry to your car. The car keyless entry fob guard signal bag blocks this signal which stop thieves from hacking your car.

Air Fresheners

Car air fresheners are a great stocking filler idea. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and keep a car smelling pleasant. Some attach to your mirror whilst others can be placed on your air vents and some you can have personally designed with photos.

We would love to hear if you have got any other gift ideas for the car lover in your life.

By Sarah Anglim at 2 Dec 2018

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