Airport Valet Parking

Often referred to a meet and greet parking, airport valet parking is the quickest and simplest way to leave your car at the airport whilst you’re away on holiday or business. Without having to search for a space or wait for a transfer bus, simply drop your car with one of our friendly drivers outside the airport’s terminal. Whilst you’re away, your car will be stored in one of our secure Park Mark accredited car parks. Upon your arrival back to the airport, your vehicle will be ready and waiting, so you can head straight home without any delays

We do all that we can to make airport valet parking service as straightforward as can be. Enter your flight details into the online price calculator and find the best option to suit your travel style.

All our meet and greet airport parking services are competitively priced with no hidden costs, guaranteeing you a great deal. Meet and greet airport parking is popular from all types of traveller from business people to young families to solo adventurers. With over 30 years’ experience, find out more about I Love meet and greet and why we’re so passionate about airport parking.

How does valet parking work?

Valet parking is nother name for meet and greet parking. Drive to the forecourt at the airport terminals and have you car collected by a driver, who will park it for you. On your return the car will be returned to the same place ensuring a quicker trip home

How much is valet parking?

Prices vary throughout the year but prices range from being cheaper the further you book in advance to being more expensive during peak times and nearer the departure date. Us epromo codes to ensure you get the cheapest option.

Can I book a hotel along with valet parking?

Valet parking can be booked with a hotel room. See hotel packages on Bookfhr selecting the option with valet parking.

What is valet parking?

Valet parking is a service offered at airports where instead of "self-parking", where customers find a parking space on their own, customers' vehicles are parked for them by a person called a valet driver.

What is the difference between valet parking and meet and greet?

There is no difference between valet parking and meet&greet other than some airport use the term meet& greet to describe a park and walk product where you leave your car in a car park, hand your keys in to an office and then wlk from the car park to the terminal some minutes away. Examples of this park and walk service using the term meet & greet are Manchester airport, Stansted airport and Heathrow airport.

Who choose valet parking from I Love?

  • The quickest and easiest way to leave your car at the airport
  • Friendly, professional staff will collect your car outside the terminal
  • Head straight to check-in within minutes
  • All vehicles are stored in our secure, Park Mark accredited car parks
  • Upon your return, your car will be handed over to you outside the terminal
  • Head straight home or back to the office in record time
  • No time wasted searching for parking spaces or waiting for a transfer bus

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