Protecting our planet

Protecting our Planet starts with you. Who would ever have thought the world could find themselves in such a terrible mess as Covid 19 ravages the whole world stopping our much loved travel. How did this happen. Messing with nature and habitats of wild animals has led to this terrible disease taking hold.

David Attenbrough's latest programme labelled "Extinction" - says it all. Everyone should watch it - its jaw dropping and very sobering. If we all do our part we can reverse what we have done. We must create a sustainable world and rebalance our ecosystem.

A few years ago the I Love management team took it upon themselves to do their bit. With promotional metal straws, flip flop recycling, tree planting, recycled toilet paper and bee and butterfly counting we filled our time whilst also parking non environmentally friendly cars.

So its starts with us

Reduce waste, reuse everything, recycle plastics.

The three Rs will reduce waste and the use of landfill. We aim to cut our waste in half in the next two years by using not using so much paper, storing files electronically, not using plastic bags and always using recycled loo paper. We will recycle all plastic, resue files and storage boxes.


holiday destinations they are visiting by giving away recycled bags, metal straws and many other recycled gifts across the year making them aware of the things they could damage without realising it.

Always Choose Sustainable Produce

Local markets, butchers and farms ensure fresh, local produce that has not had preservatives sprayed on them and are healthier for your children. Buying from a supermarket - choose loose veg to reduce packaging. Make sure fish is sustainably caught.

Light Bulbs

Use LEDs they reduce the amount of electricity therefore fossil fuels burnt. They are cheaper too and make sure you turn off lights when not in use!!

Conserve Water

Although in the UK we have a good supply of water when you are on holiday use it sparingly. Hot countries can go months without rain and when water gets scarce it is worrying. Also waste water reaches the rivers so the smaller amounts used the less our seas are polluted.

Plant trees or Shrubs

They filter Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce Oxygen. They also produce habitats for wildlife which are essential to re-establishing our planets bio-diversity.

Act now and we can do some good together whilst still enjoying the benefits of travel, flying to exotic destinations and making sure they are still there for the future.

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