Ryanair’s New Baggage Policy Explained

As Ryanair, the low cost airline, has announced changes to their baggage charges for the second time this year and as many of our customers travel with Ryanair, we thought we would take a quick look at the changes introduced by the airline and explain their new baggage policy which came into effect from 01 November.

Under previous rules introduced in January, priority boarding passengers could bring two bags of hand luggage into the cabin for free. Passengers who did not pay for priority boarding were only allowed to bring a small personal bag into the cabin while a small suitcase had to be checked in and placed in the hold free of charge.

However, according to Ryanair, departures suffered significant delays as a large number of bags were being checked in at the airport before each flight. In an attempt to reduce these fight disruptions, Ryanair has now issued a revised baggage policy for anyone who has booked a flight from 01 November and they claim that it will speed up the boarding process and cut flight delays.

Ryanair’s New Baggage Policy

All passengers are entitled to one small personal bag which must fit under the seat in front of you.

Passengers paying the priority boarding fee of £6 will be allowed two cabin bags and all non-priority boarders will now have to pay an extra £8 if they want a second bag which will then be placed in the hold.

The airline said it expects many passengers to switch to priority boarding which works out cheaper than paying for a small suitcase however, the overhead lockers on Ryanair’s Boeing 737 fleet can only accommodate approximately 100 suitcases, so the number of priority tickets sold for each flight will be capped at 95.

Sizes of Ryanair’s Small Personal Bag

The small personal bag allowed on the Ryanair’s aircraft needs to be 40cm x 20cm x 25cm max and it must fit under the seat in front of you. Examples of a small personal bag include handbags, laptop bags and a small backpack.

Ryanair’s Priority Boarding and Two Cabin Bags

Priority boarding travellers who pay for the £6 per flight if purchased at the time of booking or £8 at any point before the flight will be allowed to bring a small personal bag and a small suitcase onto the plane. The dimensions of the suitcase must not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and weigh up to 10kg. Priority and two cabin bags can sell out fast as suitcases numbers are limited.

Ryanair’s Non-Priority Passengers

Non-priority passengers will still be allowed to bring a small personal bag in the cabin free of charge but there will now be a charge of £8 at the time of booking or £10 at any point after booking, to check in a small suitcase weighing up to 10kg. The dimensions of this suitcase must not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.

Non-priority customers who do not add a bag to their booking are still able to purchase a 10kg suitcase allowance at the airport bag drop off desk for £20 or £25 at the boarding gate.

20kg Checked In Baggage

Each passenger can purchase up to three checked in bags of 20kg. The cost of each bag is £25 per one-way flight if purchased at the time of the initial booking or £40 if added online after.

Baby Bags/Medical Equipment

Ryanair customers with baby bags and medical equipment will still be able to their items on board free of charge.

If you are flying with Ryanair, it is always advisable to check their baggage policy at the time of booking. And don’t forget to book your airport parking with I Love meet and greet if you are travelling to the airport by car.

By Sarah Anglim at 7 Nov 2018

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