Making Mark Park

Before you buy a product, how many different reviews do you read?

If you’re anything like us, it’s likely be A LOT – but it’s important to make sure you’re aware of exactly what you’re paying for before you type in your credit card details.

Here at I Love meet and greet, we’re well aware of the importance of providing a first-class experience to our customers, which is why the maj…

By Sarah Anglim at 20 Sep 2013


We all look forward to our holidays, giving us the chance to re-charge our batteries, spend time with our loved ones or simply as a break from working.

According to a recent survey by Aviva 35% of us choose to take a break with our extended families to make up for the lack of time spent together during the rest of the year.

Evidently, time really is of the essence when…

By Sarah Anglim at 3 Sep 2013

Survive Desert Island

We’ve all fantasised about living on our own desert island.

Far away from the stress and strain of modern life, the only concern on your island is how you dismount from the hammock after a few too many coconut cocktails.

If this dream was to suddenly become a reality, though, and you were dumped on a remote desert island, how many of us would know what it takes to surv…

By Sarah Anglim at 15 Aug 2013

Buy Confidence Love Meet Greet

Holidaymakers should carry out more research before choosing their meet and greet airport parking firm – that’s the view of Essex County Council’s Trading Standards after a number of complaints were lodged with their team about the service.

Astonishingly, …

By Sarah Anglim at 13 Aug 2013

Explore Trust Involved Travel

The holiday season is in full swing – which means most travellers begin to rely on an assortment of people to ensure their trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Holidaymakers will put their faith in a house-sitter, pet-sitter and a valet parking firm to look after their most valuable possessions for the time they’re out of the country, while the roles of travel agents, airli…

By Sarah Anglim at 30 Jul 2013

Dont Forget Toothbrush

How many times do you check to make sure you have all of your belongings at the end of a holiday?

You dig through suitcases, check under beds and scan the room until you’re satisfied you’re not heading home without your passport/mobile phone/youngest child.

But still we leave things behind – and it’s not just a handful of foreign coins.

Realistically, when we’re…

By Sarah Anglim at 30 Jul 2013

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