What to wear to the airport

In recent years airport fashion has become more and more of a thing. It all started with celebrities setting the trends for women travellers with the two-piece Juicy velour tracksuits combined with the Louis Vuiton holdall. Now even shops have their own section for ‘Airport Clothing’ including the popular online retailer ASOS.

At I Love Meet and Greet everyday we see thousands of people strut their stuff in and out of the airport and therefore we think we’ve just about mastered the dos and don’ts of airport fashion. We did of course also get a few tips from our customers!

The number one rule when deciding on what to wear for your flight is to make sure that above all else it’s going to be comfy! They say beauty comes at a price, but the last thing you want is to be feeling agitated throughout your journey because that outfit that just happens to look the best is also the most uncomfortable!

Over the years several of our customers have told us their tales about having to take their shoes off at security. Firstly, avoid any shoes that are going to take a while to remove, as not only will this be an annoyance to you but it will also delay the people behind you in the queue! Flip flops are also another no go as although airports are generally very clean, nobody wants to walk bare foot on the floor where thousands of people walk across each day!

For the ladies, make sure your restrain yourself from wearing too much jewellery. We understand that many of you will live by the rule that accessories complete an outfit but the airport is just not the place (save It for your holiday!) Again, like shoes jewellery does not go well with security and therefore will only delay you further. We understand that like jewellery belts can be an essential part of one’s outfit, but these will also probably have to be removed through the security process.

The destination where you’re visiting and the destination you’re leaving may both be hot and as a result extra layers may not be considered when planning your airport attire. Don’t be fooled, never underestimate the power of an airline’s aircon! We recommend zip up jackets as opposed to pullovers, as with the limited seat room on planes there isn’t always room for the manoeuvring that is required for an over the head jumper!

We hope our fashion advice will come in use when next planning your airport outfit and if there’s anything you’re still not sure about, feel free to double check with any of our fashion expertise staff when you next book your I Love Meet and Greet parking!

By Sarah Anglim at 1 Sep 2014

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