Easy ways to keep fit on holiday

At I Love Meet and Greet we can understand why a lot of our customers might want to spend their holiday winding down and relaxing and therefore won’t plan to do lots of exercise whilst they’re away.

However, we strongly believe that getaways can be the perfect time for keeping fit without really even noticing. We’ve put together some simple tips that will help our customers keep fit on their getaway without them even having to pack their trainers!

With more time to spare and so much to explore, holidays are the perfect time to do lots of walking. Whether that’s a morning walk along the beach or a day trip to the shopping mall (yes you can really burn calories whilst shopping!) walking is a fantastic way of keeping fit. We’ve done our research and according to Daran Woodward, Fitness Manager for Holmes Place Academy a two hour walk can burn the same amount of energy as a 4 mile run! So don’t waste money on taxis, simply walk as many places as possible on your holiday.

Our second tip is to make sure you always opt for the stairs! If you’re staying at a hotel, just walking up the stairs to your floor instead of taking the lift can be very beneficial for your health. We’re all more than capable of walking up stairs but tend to just take the easy option when there’s a lift in sight… Don’t do it! It’s been proven that doing small amounts of exercise each day can help prevent heart disease, make people sleep well and help with relaxation, so keep that in mind when you’re torn between taking the lift or the stairs!

Holidays nearly always present us with the opportunity to swim, whether that be in the sea or a hotel pool. According to the Daily Mail, just swimming for half an hour can burn up to 250 calories, so if you have the facilities to be able to swim then do!

If you’re part of a family, games on the beach or in the pool can also be great for keeping fit. Those ping pong tournaments and handstand competitions will all help towards burning calories! So when you’re complaining about not being able to just relax, look on the brightside…Your kids are keeping you fit!

Let’s face it, you’re going to be burning so many calories on your holiday that you deserve an easy start and end to your travels. It’s a good job that at I Love Meet and Greet we can drop you off and collect your right outside the terminal, so there’s no need for wasting any energy!

By Sarah Anglim at 24 Oct 2014

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