Top tips for taking holiday selfies

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no escaping ‘selfies’ as they’re absolutely everywhere (including at the airport!)

At I Love Meet and Greet we’re sure most of you are already very much aware of the meaning of the word ‘selfie’ but just to clarify it’s a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone and uploaded to a social media website! Over the past months the ‘selfie’ has continued to progress and we’ve been getting the low down from our customers on the best tips for taking them! We’ve compiled together our customer’s advice and picked out the most popular techniques for taking holiday selfies just for you!

Firstly, we were quick to learn that postcards are fast becoming a thing of the past. Why send your loved ones a generic picture of a famous landmark that will probably take weeks to arrive in the post when you could instantly send them a picture of the landmark made even better with you in it too?! To take the perfect landmark selfie, location is key! Once you’ve found a pretty impressive backdrop for your selfie the next thing to do is get creative with how you position yourself in the picture. Surely your loved ones are going to be more impressed with a picture that looks like you’re eating the Eifel Tower as oppose to just standing with it right?

Secondly, before you’ve even made it to your location you must remember to take the plane selfie. This can be achieved in many ways, starting from the standard picture taken at the boarding gate with the plane featured behind you, to a selfie on the plane itself maybe featuring an air stewardess or the highly fascinating clouds through the window. With some planes now having wifi on board you can really impress your friends and family at home by sharing with them a selfie whilst you’re 30,000 ft above ground. Impressive hey?

The big unanswered question that comes from many holiday selfies these days is ‘hot dogs or legs?’ It has become quite the trend to take a poolside or beach selfie which features just your legs positioned in front of you on a sun lounger with picturesque blue water as the back drop. These have caused much controversy as many find it hard to tell if the picture is in fact a pair of legs or two hot dogs by the pool! So maybe hashtag which one your picture actually is just to put your viewers at ease!

Finally, experiment with angles! You can now buy many accessories to progress your holiday selfies including underwater phone covers and ‘selfie sticks.’ The invention of the selfie stick came soon after many people were struggling to stretch their arms out far enough to fit everything in their frame! The stick allows you to attach your phone to the end, giving you more than double the distance from your hand to your shoulder to work with! So now even a selfie with the Burj Khalifa is possible, so no excuses!

We hope you now feel like selfie experts after reading up on our tips and don’t forget to take an ‘I Love Meet and Greet’ selfie right outside the terminal with your driver before or after your holiday!

By Sarah Anglim at 23 Sep 2014

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