Holidays are good for you – it’s official

At I Love Meet and Greet we love holidays for so many reasons and now after finding out that they’re good for us too, we love them even more! According to research, getaways have proven to help manage stress, improve sleeping patterns, reduce blood pressure and even strengthen relationships.

We’re done some research on the matter to find out more for our customers…

In recent years, scientific principles have been used to explore the extent to which holidays really do make us feel better, and why. The long-haul travel specialist Kunoi, teamed up with experts in psychotherapy and health care and developed a research plan to get to the bottom of this theory! The study centred on 12 people of varying ages and backgrounds leading busy lives. Three pairs were sent on two-week holidays - one a tour of the key sights of Thailand, one a volunteering experience with researchers on a ship in the Amazonian rainforest of Peru, and one to flop and drop on an island in the Maldives. The other three pairs remained at home and at work during the same period.

According to The Telegraph, the results showed that those who went away experienced significant upswings in mood and energy levels and returned feeling more relaxed and clearer in their life goals. In contrast, the pairs who stayed at home had no such upswings and in some cases demonstrated deteriorations in their emotional and mental states.

With those kind of results we were very surprised to find out that more than a third of us are currently not using all entitled holiday! What’s wrong with us?! If you weren’t already tempted by the thought of deep blue skies and cocktails on the beach, then hopefully the above research will encourage you to get away!

At I Love Meet and Greet, we don’t think it’s necessary to carry out experiments as we’re already very confident that our service will give you a hassle free start and end to your holiday! So if we’ve convinced you that a holiday is exactly what you need, be sure to book your I Love Meet and Greet parking to ensure you’re break starts right outside the terminal!

By Sarah Anglim at 7 Oct 2014

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