Battle Sexes Parking

Do you drive through a car park and tut at other drivers because you think they’re driving stupidly? And men, have you ever said to yourself “I bet it’s a woman!” Well, you may be mistaken because a comprehensive study on gender driving differences has highlighted some very interesting findings.

The study was produced by the car park firm NCP, which employed a team of researc…

By Sarah Anglim at 18 Nov 2014

Easy Ways Fit Holiday

At I Love Meet and Greet we can understand why a lot of our customers might want to spend their holiday winding down and relaxing and therefore won’t plan to do lots of exercise whilst they’re away.

However, we strongly believe that getaways can be the perfect time for keeping fit without really even noticing. We’ve put together some simple tips that will help our customers k…

By Sarah Anglim at 24 Oct 2014

Holidays Good Its Official

At I Love Meet and Greet we love holidays for so many reasons and now after finding out that they’re good for us too, we love them even more! According to research, getaways have proven to help manage stress, improve sleeping patterns, reduce blood pressure and even strengthen relationships.

We’re done some research on the matter to find out more for our customers…

In …

By Sarah Anglim at 7 Oct 2014

Top Tips Holiday Selfies

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no escaping ‘selfies’ as they’re absolutely everywhere (including at the airport!)

At I Love Meet and Greet we’re sure most of you are already very much aware of the meaning of the word ‘selfie’ but just to clarify it’s a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone and uploaded to a social media websi…

By Sarah Anglim at 23 Sep 2014

Ways Beat Jet Lag

For most, travelling to far away locations tends to come at a price and not just in the literal sense! Jet lag is something most people will experience at some point in their lives and therefore at I Love Meet and Greet we’ve put together a list of tips which we believe will help prevent it.

Jet lag refers to disturbed sleep patterns, weakness and disorientation caused by tra…

By Sarah Anglim at 17 Sep 2014

Summer Holidays Winter Getaways

For years there has been a debate as to whether summer holidays spent in the sun are more popular than cool winter escapes. For most, winter holidays tend to involve snow sports and mug after mug of hot chocolate, which as a whole is a very different setup to summer vacations.

At I Love Meet and Greet our customers travel all year round so we decided to get their views on wha…

By Sarah Anglim at 9 Sep 2014

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