The Best Christmas Holiday Destinations For 2019

Not quite sure where to jet-set this holiday season? I Love Meet & Greet has compiled the best Christmas holiday destinations for you


If you are anything like us, when the colder weather sets in, we enjoy wearing our cosy jumpers for about a minute before craving sun, sea, and sand once more. Soon enough, we fi…

By Sarah Anglim at 2 Dec 2019

Time For Change

This month we have to change our clocks. According to the UK Government: In the UK the clocks go back 1 hour at 2am on the last Sunday in October. When the clocks go back, the UK is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). So, we are changing from British Summer Time (BST) to GMT on Sunday 27th October.


Time was not always the same wherever you went in the same co…

By Sarah Anglim at 18 Oct 2019

What Breakdown Cover Do I Need

Cars break down.  Here at I Love meet and greet we have seen many vehicles which have failed to start and we have seen customers experience different levels of service from a range of operators. In this post we have outlined the different types of cover available and made some suggestions on points to consider when buying your breakdown cover.

All types of cars break down, whether they a…

By Sarah Anglim at 16 Sep 2019

Pack Like A Marine

For military forces, packing efficiently is skill which needs to be quick and easy. They pack, unpack and then do it all again to perfect their techniques. It becomes second nature and we can all learn from their experience. The grunt roll does take a little practice but once mastered is a real space saver. And if you are only taking carry-on luggage space will be at a premium. We researched th…

By Sarah Anglim at 30 Aug 2019

Take The Stress Out Of Travelling With Children

Taking children on holiday can be a very exciting time but travelling and flying as a family can be quite a challenge. Busy airports and confined spaces like aircraft cabins can have the potential to stress us all out at one time or another, but a little preparation can make the whole experience of travelling with children more pleasurably. 

By Sarah Anglim at 9 Aug 2019

Booking A Last Minute Holiday

Summer holidays are upon us and if you haven’t yet booked to go away, it's not too late to book a spontaneous last-minute holiday. Whether you fancy lounging on a beach or something a little more adventurous there are usually some great late holidays deals to take advantage of and if you do have the flexibility, going on holiday at short notice allows you to 

By Sarah Anglim at 11 Jul 2019

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