Travel Safety Tips

Your holiday is booked, your airport parking with I Love meet and greet is taken care of and now you can look forward to your trip.

Any travel is exciting; you get to experience wonderful cultures and visit breath-taking places all around the world and employing a few safety precautions will ensure you have the most amazing trip and give y…

By Sarah Anglim at 25 Sep 2017

Hello Different Languages

When you are visiting a new country, being able to able to communicate with the locals can be very frustrating. Obviously, it can be difficult to become fluent in a language quickly, but knowing some of the different ways to say hello is always a good start and one of the handiest things to know when you are travelling. By being able to say hello in the language of the country you are visiting …

By Sarah Anglim at 11 Sep 2017

10 Best Travel Apps

Organising and making holiday arrangements from booking flights and accommodation and packing, to creating an itinerary and finding your way in somewhere unfamiliar, can be daunting. But luckily nowadays we have apps that will do a lot of this for you.  Here at I Love meet and greet we have compiled a list of our favourite holiday apps…

By Sarah Anglim at 22 Aug 2017

Long Haul Flight Tips

Most of us find travelling exhausting and when you are faced with an eight hour flight or even longer, it can put a dampener on your holiday excitement, especially if you are flying in economy. As well as getting your trip off to the best start with very convenient meet and greet airport parking there are a few tips you can use during any long flight so that you can sit back, relax and look for…

By Sarah Anglim at 8 Aug 2017

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Going on holiday with friends can be an amazing experience whether it is spent relaxing on the beach or dancing the night away. So, if you are looking to get away from the everyday nine to five routine and travel somewhere new with your pals, check out our top destinations for group holidays below. If you’re looking for something a little more romantic, why not check out our post on the …

By Sarah Anglim at 31 Jul 2017

Best Airport Lounges

What better way to start any trip away, whether leisure or business, than to be met directly outside the terminal building with your car, proceed straight through security, then relax in the tranquil environment of an airport lounge?

Recent research published by airport lounge card, Priority Pass, revealed that nearly two thirds (59%) of freq…

By Sarah Anglim at 11 Jul 2017

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