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At I Love Meet and Greet, our valet parking service allows our customers to leave their cars right outside of the terminal, which not only leaves them with a hassle-free start to their holiday, but also gives them more time to explore the airport. For some, we understand that waiting for a flight can seem boring when all you want to do is get away, but it really doesn’t need to be.

By Sarah Anglim at 3 Jul 2014

Introducing Improved Terminal 2 Heathrow Airport

Yesterday the Queen officially opened Heathrow's Terminal 2.  So after 180 trials and £2.5bn later, the first champagne corks have been officially popped at the new terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport.


On Wednesday 4th June, the first plane had the pleasure of landing into the brand-new terminal after a long flight from Chicago. At I Love Meet and Greet we’ve d…

By Sarah Anglim at 24 Jun 2014


With England's chances of going through to the next stage now owing more to mathematics than their ball skills we thought we should explain that there’s more to Brazil than just the World Cup!

This year Brazil will see a 240% boost in its tourism due to the Country being the hosts of the 2014 World Cup. Football fans from all over the world have already been piling onto plane…

By Sarah Anglim at 20 Jun 2014

Were Holiday

For some people there really is no place like home! Even after the most luxurious holidays, for many of us the return home is eagerly awaited. Whether it’s looking forward to getting back into your own bed or making a cup of tea in your favourite mug, there’s lots of things that we don’t realise how much we take for granted until we’re away from them.

At I Love Meet and Greet…

By Sarah Anglim at 9 Jun 2014

Cost Low Cost Airlines

There’s definitely no denying that low-cost airlines have made travel more accessible worldwide and have certainly a huge impact on tourism, but at I Love Meet and Greet we want to know just how cheap these low-cost carriers still are…

In recent years, it appears that no-frills airlines have been unable to make a substantial profit from their original deals and therefore have…

By Sarah Anglim at 2 Jun 2014

Travel Items Love Forget

Did you know that 41% of travellers forget something when they go on holiday? Depending on what items are left behind, they can have a trivial or large impact on the time that you’re away.

According to, Brits spend an estimated 118 million pounds a year on holiday necessities that they forget to take away…

By Sarah Anglim at 22 May 2014

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