Summer holidays versus winter getaways

For years there has been a debate as to whether summer holidays spent in the sun are more popular than cool winter escapes. For most, winter holidays tend to involve snow sports and mug after mug of hot chocolate, which as a whole is a very different setup to summer vacations.

At I Love Meet and Greet our customers travel all year round so we decided to get their views on what they define the perfect type of holiday and why…

It didn’t come as much of a surprise that many of our summer travellers of course confessed their undying love for sandy beaches and heat waves and therefore voted against winter getaways. Although they were adamant that they won’t be swapping their refreshing cocktails on the beach for hot drinks at the top of a mountain just yet, they could completely understand why winter breaks appeal to others.

So what are the pros of a summer holiday? (We asked!) Several of our customers were quick to remind us that the weather here in England can be very unpredictable and as a result they like to have some reassurance that they’ll get some sun by booking a holiday. Others told us how nothing beats ice creams and beaches and all of the other little treats that are guaranteed in the summer! Our customers that have children also explained that it can be hard entertaining their kids for all of the summer holidays away from school, so the timing of a summer holiday is more practical.

We were quite surprised at just how many of our customer’s hearts fell with winter getaways. Around 45% of the people we spoke to said they would rather spend a week in a ski resort than in a sunny location. For active people, winter holidays offer the ideal opportunity for learning or perfecting winter sports. Many of our customers were also quick to point out that there’s plenty of time for tea breaks too, so it’s not just all go! These customers said they are more than satisfied with summers in England as they can always hit the coast for a beach day (Snowy mountains aren’t as easy to find in the UK winter!)

For some of our very lucky customers, they told us how there’s no need to decide between the two holiday types as they try to do both! Many revealed that they love both types of holidays for very different reasons and therefore would seriously struggle to choose just one.

So whether you’re somebody that thinks nothing beats a summer holiday or a loyal fan of winter breaks, you’ll be pleased to know that at I Love Meet and Greet we can offer you a hassle free start to both!

By Sarah Anglim at 9 Sep 2014

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