Tips To Prepare For Your Ski Holiday

The ski season is almost here and preparing and packing for a ski holiday can be very different from planning for a summer beach holiday especially if you are going skiing for the first time. So, if you are taking to the slopes over the next few months for that alpine adventure, I Love meet and greet has put together some tips to help you get ready for your winter holiday.

Ski gear

Two things that are essential for any ski holiday is a good ski jacket and a pair of salopettes (ski trousers). However, ski gear can be expensive and if it is your first time it might be worth asking friends or family who have already been skiing if you can borrow some of their ski gear. If you do get the ski bug, buy one or two items every season as this spreads the cost. Looking for items in the sale or that are discounted at the end of the ski season will also help bring down the cost.

Layering is key on any ski holiday; a base layer (long sleeved t-shirt and leggings) and a mid-layer (fleece or micro fleece jumper) will help keep you warm on those chilly snowy days.

What to pack

Lip balm and sun screen are also very useful items for any ski holiday as the sun can be very strong high in the mountains. Ski goggles are a must and don’t forget your sunglasses, which will help to protect your eyes from the brightness of the sun reflecting off the snow. Ski gloves are vital, and a neck warmer/buff is great to not only keep your neck warm, but it will help protect your face against the cold. Thermals as another layer are also useful if it is going to be extremely cold.

Dry ski slope

Practising on indoor dry ski slopes before you go, will definitely provide a little training for your holiday. It will not only improve your balance but will also get the feeling of having a pair of skis on your feet again. Most dry ski slope centres have ski and snowboard instructors if you want to sharpen up on your skills before your holiday or if you are a first-time skier why not get a head start by booking a course of lessons.

Ski fitness

Everyone knows that skiing is a very active holiday and a little physical preparation for four weeks leading up to your ski holiday will not only improve your performance, but it will reduce the chance of injuries.

Skiing is quite demanding and puts a lot of strain on your body, in particular your legs. A few gym sessions focusing on muscle endurance or spend some time cycling will all help to strengthen your legs before you hit the slopes. Squats or lunges will also increase your thigh strength and Yoga or Pilates will strengthen the body core and increase your mobility.

I Love meet and greet has put together some more specific exercises to help you get in shape before hitting the slopes.

Ski equipment

If you are not hiring equipment (skis, poles, boots, snowboard, helmet) and are taking your own, make sure it is all in good shape before you go; check your bindings, make sure your ski boots still feel comfortable and check your helmet for cracks.

And remember, if you are jetting off this ski season, booking your airport parking with I Love meet and greet will take the hassle of lugging all your ski gear on the train or an airport bus as our drivers meet you on the forecourt right outside the terminal building.

By Sarah Anglim at 20 Dec 2018

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