Airports…You either love them or hate them

The word airport conjures up many different connotations depending on the person. Some people will categorically not let themselves start enjoying their holiday until the dreaded ‘airport bit is out of the way’ while others love the whole experience.

Delays, queuing and overpriced merchandise is how many people sum up the experience, but in contrast others find it exciting and fascinating. At I Love Meet and Greet Parking, we are pleased to be able to eliminate the stress of trying to park from a traveller’s list of potential airport hassles.

An article on says “there is no bigger problem that exists in travel today than the ‘airport experience’ or rather, the lack of one.” So why has the airport become a necessary evil? Airports these days have everything, from 5* restaurants to express spas; providing a time-killing place for just about everybody. The negativity can’t all be blamed on boredom, as Gatwick airport even has traditional red phone boxes equipped with high-tech Skype software, allowing travellers to catch up with family and friends while waiting for their flight!

Now that passengers can check in to their flight prior to arriving at the airport without having to endure the tedious queuing process, this can’t be to blame. However, the formidable security process is still very much intact. From having to down the bottle of drink you just bought, to stuffing all of your expensive toiletries into a freezer bag, nobody can honestly say they enjoy this part. Not to mention the anticipated fear and humiliation that overcomes when walking through the x-ray machine and waiting nervously for the beep to go off. says: “Even with the huge array of entertainment that people watching, working and eating at the airport brings, it is never enough to fascinate me for more than half an hour.” At I Love Meet and Greet we’re doing our bit at trying to improve how the airport experience is perceived, by providing an efficient and hassle free start and end to traveller’s journeys. However, maybe it’s out of our hands; as just as it is very unlikely for somebody who hates marmite to suddenly love marmite, maybe the airport experience is always going to be one of those things that people either love or loathe.

By Sarah Anglim at 10 Mar 2014

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