Three decades of baggage

Whether we’re catching a flight to visit a location for just a night, week or even a year, we all take a bag. Over the years and since we have been providing meet and greet parking at Gatwick Airport, we have observantly watched luggage styles develop, including seeing the Louis Vuitton holdall be outrivaled by the Michael Kors travel tote and the classic leather travel bag be upstaged by the wheeled suitcase. You can see some examples of our customers' luggage on our Pinterest board here .

The transformation of the travel bag hasn’t just stopped at the development of the practicalities of the travel bag, but has also converted into a major fashion statement. Gone are the days when it didn’t matter if your bag was old and tatty ‘as long as it does the job hey?’ Wrong. The luggage carousel has become a cutthroat catwalk, where animal printed bags are competing for the limelight against the likes of neon floral prints, polka dots and right through to embellished personalised cases. The subtle bright pieces of ribbon that were once used to make bags recognisable are now extinct, and it looks like the standard black case is next in line.

As well as the evolution of the style and design of luggage, we’ve watched the size of traveller’s bags excessively progress too. It appears nothing is impossible when it comes to what travel bags can carry these days. With the dynamic developments in sports equipment carriers, more people are buying their own sports gear and travelling with it, as opposed to hiring at the other end.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right luggage and the weight of a bag is certainly one that doesn’t get overlooked. Strict weight restrictions enforced by airlines has given travellers the tough task of finding luggage that is both stylish but lightweight. Did you know that you can now get a 15 litre capacity bag that weighs only 0.8kg?!

Whatever the weight we will help you with your bags, care for your car and make your airport parking as hassle free as possible.

By Sarah Anglim at 26 Feb 2014

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