Car Tracking

These are phrases you normally expect to see in adverts for used cars and can be notoriously hard to validate. I Love meet and greet, the UK’s favourite airport meet and greet operator, is urging customers with car tracking technology to demonstrate that their service is the best.

Sarah Anglim, Founder and MD at I Love meet and greet, explains: “We know that cowboy operators make claims about where they park their customers’ cars and that these claims are proved to be wrong. We stand by our service and always park cars where we say - in approved Park Mark car parks. We are happy for customers to check on their cars whilst away on holiday and the technology to do so has never been easier to use.

Even simple dash cams have some basic telemetry and route history so car owners can be sure that their vehicle is being looked after in a secure car park.”

I Love meet and greet’s main car parks are located less than two miles away from the airports at Gatwick and Stansted. All the operator’s car parks at Gatwick and Stansted hold the Park Mark accreditation and at Stansted all are located within the airport boundary. Park Mark accreditation proves the car park has been checked by the Police for adequate security. With I Love meet and greet only professional drivers will move your cars and no third parties can access your car.

To find out more about car trackers please read this article:

Friday, September 20, 2019

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