Deserted Gatwick May 2020

empty north terminal

Lock down began at Gatwick on the 18th March - a date no one will forget in the airport parking industry. Cars stopped parking for the first time ever in the 36 years the senior management at I love have been providing their services. The North terminal normally thriving with business was dead. The crossing lights remained green - no one to push the button.

It was like a ghost town.

Clients got stuck as planes stopped flying. But I Love kept on going - always there to answer emails, sort out bookings, help answer questions about other operators who shut their doors to all and to keep the remaining cars in our ar parks safe at all times.

Three months passed and still we waited

Then great news - July people could start flying - our infection rates went down and the British were allowed out. People started to travel and by August we were all up and running again even though the South Terminal remained closed. Hurray we thought but only for a couple of weeks. The Government started to impose quarantine on persons who went abroad.

The list of quarantine free destinations started to shrink and it kept shrinking so that by the end of September there was really no where to go. So back to the deserted airport we went and Groundhog day began again.

But do not worry - have faith we will see you again one day - stay safe while you wait!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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