Forecourt Delays North Terminal

I Love meet and greet is warning customers of potential delays at the Gatwick Airport's North Terminal forecourt and suggesting customers allow more time for both their
outbound and return journeys.
Structural issues within the North Terminal car park have forced all meet and greet operators out of the car park and on to the forecourt, adding thousands of extra cars to an already extremely busy area of the airport.

Sarah Anglim, Managing Director of I Love meet and greet, explains: 'We pride ourselves on delivering a punctual service and we are recognised as one of the leading operators for our superb service. With additional three operators now using the forecourt, the subsequent extra traffic is bound to cause some delays, so I am urging my customers to allow more time when driving to the airport and unfortunately when waiting for their car to be delivered back to them.

As the May half-term approaches and we enter the full-on summer season, the airport will become even busier and these extra numbers could easily amplify this problem."

I Love meet and greet is asking their customers to add an extra 15 minutes to both their outbound and return trips.

Friday, May 15, 2015

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