Full Circle

The same senior team which created Meteor meet and greet is once again facilitating the parking operations for this brand at Gatwick Airport.
Sarah Anglim, founder and managing director at I Love meet and greet, explains: “The airport parking industry has always been a mix of competition and co-operation, with brands looking to expand to new airports without setting up completely new operations. My team is the most experienced senior team in the industry, and we are ideally placed to provide the best meet and greet service at Gatwick Airport.”
When Sarah sold her first airport parking business, PAS to Meteor Parking, she was retained as a consultant to manage the integration of her business into its new parent company. By combining her old company with the purchase of another airport parking business based at Heathrow Airport, she created Meteor meet and greet which, under her leadership, went on to become the largest ever operator of airport meet and greet parking. Operating at the UK’s nine largest airports, this brand was recognised, both by customers and within the industry, for delivering a consistently high service.
Sarah left Meteor Parking, after Go-Ahead sold it to Vinci Parking, to set up I Love meet and greet in 2012, taking the key people in her senior management team. Subsequently Vinci Parking sold Meteor meet and greet to Purple Parking which in turn entered into administration in November 2017. Holiday Extras bought the brands, customer base and websites owned by Purple Parking and has re-invigorated the Meteor meet and greet brand at Gatwick by asking I Love meet and greet to operate the service.
Sarah adds: “There is some irony that once again we are looking after a brand which we made successful. The strategic vision behind I Love is to offer the best possible meet and greet service at Gatwick and to make the service so good that as well as customers becoming lifelong fans, other parking brands without a presence or resources at Gatwick, would ask to use I Love for their customers too. This plan has worked extremely well with commercial partnerships with Purple Parking at Gatwick and APH at Stansted and we know that Meteor meet and greet customers will be delighted to see our familiar faces on the forecourt.”

Friday, March 1, 2019

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