Valet Parking Heathrow Terminal 1

After many years of service to the main airport complex, Heathrow Terminal 1 has now closed. Opened back in the 1960s this building was a pioneering passenger busy transport hub. Whilst we are no longer able to provide our popular valet parking at Heathrow Terminal 1 service, we’re proud to still provide valet parking at Heathrow terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5. So regardless of your destination you’ll always be able to receive a first class valet parking service from I Love meet and greet.

Heathrow terminal 1 closed in 2015 to make way for an extension to Terminal 2. As heathrow had 4 other terminals the airport made a decision to use the valubale space it occupied to expand Terminal 2.

Does Heathrow have valet parking at Terminal 1?

As the terminal has been closed since 2015 there are not longer valet parking services available at terminal 1. However the management team that headed up the official valet parking services from the forecourt at Heathrow terminal 1 until 2008 are the owners of I love meet and greet Ltd so are providing their wealth of knowledge to ensure you have the best Heathrow valet parking experience.

How do I book valet parking services from terminal 1?

As this terminal is closed you will be flying from one of Heathrow's other 4 terminals. Select your dates and times and you can book Heathrow terminal valet parking from whichever one yuo are flying from.

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