Why Your Airport Parking Should Have the Park Mark Award

We all see and hear in the media, far too often, reports about rogue airport parking companies using customers cars whilst they are on holiday, or parking cars down side streets or in muddy fields for the duration of their vacation.

Going on holiday should be as stress free as possible; a chance to relax with your friends and family and a time to get away from work and the daily routine; it shouldn’t be a time to worry about which your car.

So just how can you choose a reputable airport parking company? Always research the company thoroughly; check the reviews and testimonials and always ensure they hold the Park Mark Safer Parking award. In fact, car parks that lack the Park Mark award have been reported by the media to suffer higher levels of crime.

What is the Park Mark award?

The prestigious Park award, managed by the British Parking Association, is part of the mark safer parking scheme and is a national standard for UK car parks, including meet and greet and park and ride airport companies, that have low crime and measures in place to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

The safer parking status, Park Mark, is awarded to parking facilities that have met the challenging standards and requirements of a risk assessment conducted by trained Police Accredited Assessors and its status is subject to re-assessment every two years.

The car parks that achieve the award have management practices and security measures assessed regularly to ensure they create a safe environment.

What does a Park Mark Award mean for you?

A Park Mark award means that the car park you leave your car in has been vetted by the Police to ensure it is fully secure making your car safe at all times. The car parks will include CCTV surveillance, appropriate lighting, 24-hour patrols and good access.

When you park at one of the Park Mark awarded sites, you know that the security standards and the management of the car park have been credited by the experts and your car is safe and in good hands, giving you that extra peace of mind while you are away.

I Love meet and greet and Park Mark

Accredited Park Mark car parks can be found at train stations, hospitals, town centres, leisure complexes and airports.

In the UK, only a quarter of car parks have achieved the Park Mark Award; that’s only 5000 of an estimated 20,000 car parks in the country and I Love meet and greet is proud is be included in those 5000 car parks with their parking facilities at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted.

With the Park Mark accreditation, customers of I Love meet and greet can be confident their vehicles will be stored is a safe and compliant environment and they can have that added security that their car is being looked after whilst on holiday.

Park Mark means safer parking!

By Sarah Anglim at 31 May 2018

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