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With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away and the hope that we will start to feel a hint of spring in the air, February is one of the most romantic months of the year. If you are looking to plan a couples holiday, a surprise for your partner or even a proposal, the world is full of options guaranteed to add romance to your trip.

From our research, and having talked to our customers over the years, when collecting or dropping off their cars at the airport, it seems that there are three main categories of romantic destination and these three types have remained the top choices for some time.


The old school charm of European cities remains a timeless lure for the romantically inclined with Paris trading on its past ‘Belle Epoque’ glories, its reputation for great food and its unrivalled position as the home of fashion. Rome and Venice are also note-worthy city locations for lovers, with plenty of opportunities for intimate experiences still available even these very busy metropolitan areas.

The Empire State Building helps New York City to be one of the favourite places to propose marriage and a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park, whilst snuggled under a cosy blanket is delightful for couples at any stage.

There are other cities such as Buenos Aries where a touch of Latin fire can ignite passion. The mix of tango, rose gardens and riverfront dining make for an alluring destination with few rivals. For romance, nowhere can top Paseo El Rosedal. As its name suggests, it's a garden with 93 varieties of roses, walkways and benches for you and your beloved to sit a while or maybe enjoy a picnic.


Another typical romantic destination is a beach: preferably a white sand, blue sky and aquamarine sea type beach. The Maldives have been a honeymoon favourite for many years, offering a tropical idyll with just the right mix of privacy and full facilities on offer.

Almost any tropical island whether that is the Seychelles or in the Caribbean will be high on the list for couples, maybe because these locations are a long way (both literally and metaphorically) from the worries of home and work.

The ultra-rich are keen to ensure the utmost privacy when spending time on the beach so they usually end buying their own islands, although for us mere mortals there are some places which can still offer an slice of heaven without the cost- have a look at this list of the world’s best private beaches.


Sometimes the sheer majesty of the location will evoke strong romantic films such as Japan during the cherry blossom season, Santorini for white houses against the azure sky or a magnificent waterfall.

Choosing a special place for your significant other should demonstrate how much thought you have put into planning the trip - whether that is visiting a location from their favourite film/book/TV show or venue which has special meaning to them. It is the effort which adds the romance. You might even follow the example of Richard Gere’s character in Pretty Woman and take your date to their first ever opera (because he knows she will love the experience)- although he does fly her there in a private jet!

You can impress your partner at the start of your romantic holiday for much less than the cost of a private jet by booking the most convenient airport parking at Gatwick and Stansted. I love meet and greet offers parking where you are met by a uniformed driver at the airport forecourt who then parks your car, allowing you to stroll hand in hand into the terminal.

By Sarah Anglim at 27 Jan 2020

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