Safest Airport Parking

Kerbside meet and greet on the terminal forecourt is the safest airport parking.

Simply drive to the forecourt, to our designated collection point and have a member of staff collect your car. We collect on the forecourt in a well lit area and all our drivers are DBS checked, ensuring you are safe at all times. They also wear body cams, so we can ensure they continue to provide great customer service.

On your return your car is delivered back to the designated forecourt area, ideal for lone travellers as your car is droppen on to the forecourt, which is covered by CCTV and not back in to a dimly lit car park. Meet and greet is concsidered the safest airport parking

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Our aim is to ensure our clients feel safe at all time.

Our Safety Procedures

  • Our driver will meet you on the forecourt in the designated areas. This is in the open air and protected by the airport's CCTV coverage.
  • All drivers have a photo ID badge and you can ask to see this at any time.
  • You will be asked to confirm you return details.
  • You will need to leave your keys with the driver.
  • A set of photos will be taken on the forecourt of the whole of your car. However if it is dark a further set will be taken in daylight in our car park before your car is moved.
  • From collection until this following set of photos, your car will be under camera in our car park.
  • Your car may be taken to one of our satellite car parks , all of which hold the Park mark accreditation.
  • On you return the car will be brought back to the forecourt where the driver will sign the car back in to your care.

Why Forecourt meet and greet is the Safest way to park

  • Drive in the comfort and safety of your car to the airport
  • We park the car for you so you don't have to find a space far away in the quiet of a distant car park.
  • Our Forecourt meet and greet is outside, covered by CCTV and in view of other forecourt users. Some car parks are dark and have few people passing through them.
  • One driver per car - other operators in the car park use one driver to meet many people increasing the chance of lost keys and heafty car park charges.
  • One driver per car means that person can ensure all the checks are carried out and you know who has collected your cars
  • We are in the open not in an enclosed car park, where cars are parked very closely together and you may brush up against another vehicle

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