Our Social Voice

It is important to us at I Love meet and greet that all our customers understand we are passionate about the service we provide. Our social voice informs you about our views and morals

  • I Love meet and greet is an airport parking company - specifically a valet parking company.
  • Our values are open, online, polite, punctual and professional.
  • Our service is the best and we support initiatives which raise the standards of the whole industry. All our communications are authentic, genuine and credible.
  • We see ourselves as a small part of the journey to your destination and appreciate a poor start or end to any trip can affect our customers. There are other elements of any journey and many other companies look after our clients along the way.
  • We however are intimately connected to customers' cars - we drive, store and protect them working in tightly defined geographical locations of airports.
  • We are a physical operation with a human interface so customer service, politeness, punctuality and courtesy are all important to us and our customers.
  • We handle luggage and other packages and bags which travellers worry about.
  • We also have this website for booking and for providing information to our customers.
  • We are very experienced at airports: our team have met millions of people and driven hundreds of thousands of cars over the past three decades.

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