Park and Deliver

park and deliver - one way meet & Greet sign

Park and Deliver is the latest innovative airport parking service from UK’s favourite airport parking operator: I Love meet and greet. Launched earlier this year, the service is a hybrid of the two most popular types of airport parking; meet & greet and park & ride.

Sarah Anglim. founder and managing director of I Love meet and greet, explains: “In my career of thirty five years in the airport parking industry I have always tried to innovate and offer the customer more choice. We developed Park and Deliver because it combines the reassurance of driving to a car park with the convenience of having your car delivered to the airport forecourt after your return flight. The response has been outstanding, and customers’ feedback shows that this one-way meet and greet product is already one of our most popular products.”

Customers simply drive to the I Love car park, park their car and jump on the free transfer bus which takes them directly to the terminal forecourt. When the customer flies back they ring so their car is brought back to the terminal like a normal meet and greet, ready for to drive home.

Park and Deliver is an affordable way to park at Gatwick Airport and the non-flexible Bubble Park and Deliver offers unbeatable value.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

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