UK’s favourite airport parking sponsors UK’s favourite foiling team

Ben Saxton Crowned Nacra 17 European Champion in May 2019

I Love meet and greet sponsors Ben Saxton who has just become European Champion in the Nacra 17 class. The BBC congratulates Ben and his partner Nic Boniface for their success.

In February 2018 I Love meet and greet announced its latest exciting partnership with Ben Saxton’s Nacra sailing team. A competitive and successful sailor, Ben competed in the mixed Nacra 17 in the Rio Olympics.

He is teamed with Nicola Boniface and have just won the Nacra 17 European Championship.

In September 2017 Ben and his then partner Katie Dabson just beat closest rivals Fernando Echavarri and Tara Pacheco in the final race to become World Champions.

The Nacra 17 is a performance catamaran built to be sailed by mixed-gender crews and made its Olympic debut at Rio 2016.

Featuring curved dagger boards providing vertical lift, the Nacra 17 carries a wider range of crew weight and offers the sailors in the Mixed Multi Hull event the exciting challenge of mastering the potential lift of the curved dagger boards. This lift creates the amazing spectacle of foiling, where the boat is completely out of the water, flying through air.

Photos kindly supplied by Thom Touw Photography

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