How To Choose A Reputable Airport Parking Company

With yet another negative report in the media last week about rogue airport parking companies, it only highlights once again, that leaving your car with a trusted and reputable airport parking company is an absolute necessity when going on holiday

Too many people are returning to find their cars not there as promised having to wait 24 hours before their cars are returned to them or seeing them parked in unprotected muddy fields and lay-bys on nearby streets. Some travellers have seen their car damaged by careless drivers who have used them to race around the airport etc. which is all just unacceptable.

The team at I Love meet and greet give your car the respect it deserves and gives you the level of security and service you would expect when entrusting your vehicle to a professional company and it is vital that you do your research and choose carefully when leaving your car at the airport.

Below we list the factors you should consider when choosing a meet and greet company: -

Park Mark Award

Check the car park has an approved Park Mark Award. The award is managed by the British Parking Association, is part of the Safer Parking Scheme and is a national standard for UK car parks, including meet and greet and park and ride airport companies. To meet the requirements of the award the car parks must have low crime rates and measures in place to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

The safer parking status is awarded to parking facilities that have met the challenging standards and requirements of a risk assessment conducted by trained Police Accredited Assessors and is renewed every two years.

Trading Standards – Buy With Confidence Scheme

Choose a company that is a member of the Trading Standards Buy With Confidence Scheme where companies such as I Love meet and greet must commit to trading fairly and be vetted by Trading Standards to ensure they operate in a legal, honest and fair way.

Gatwick Airport Approved Operator Scheme

Gatwick Airport runs an Approved Operator scheme of which I Love meet and greet belongs to. The scheme at Gatwick ensures that all meet and greet companies have the British Parking Association Park Mark award and they have attained their Buy With Confidence accreditation from the Trading Standards. They must also sign and operate within the terms of a licence agreement with the airport.

Where Your car Is Stored

Check out exactly where the company stores your car while you are away; will your car be stored in a safe and secure facility? Do the sites have CCTV? Do they have 24-hour patrols? Being presented with the Park Mark Award, as I Love meet and greet has, ensures that the car parks where your vehicle is stored must include CCTV surveillance, security fencing, appropriate lighting, 24-hour patrols and good access.


Check out the company’s insurance policy. A reputable meet and greet parking company and an Airport Approved Operator must hold full comprehensive insurance to drive customer vehicles.

Liability for damage that occurs whilst it is stored will only be considered if negligence has occurred by the company or its employees; otherwise as with any car parks, cars are stored at the owners’ risk.

Many rogue airport parking companies rely on their part-time drivers own personal insurance!

Check Out Independent Reviews and Social Media Channels

The importance of looking at other customers’ experiences before booking your parking cannot be overstated so check out independent review websites such as Reevoo and Trustpilot. Many consumer studies have revealed that 72% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, so make sure you do your research. Checking out the company’s social media channels will also reveal how long the company has been running and will also provide user reviews of the service.

Meet and Greet

Aside from your home, your vehicle is likely to be one of your most expensive assets which is why you need to give put it in safe hands before jetting off by giving it to a reputable company and the team here at I Love meet and greet has the credentials to do just that.

By Sarah Anglim at 15 Jan 2019

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