The importance of uniforms

In modern day society uniforms define so many things, from a businesses’ reputation, to a person’s religious beliefs. At I Love Meet and Greet we know uniform plays a vital role in building trust with customers and identifying workers as individuals who are associated with a company and its services.

According to, ‘First impressions lie at the heart of how others judge, remember and speak about you. By crafting a consistent and carefully controlled first impression through the use of uniform, you gain greater control over public image.’ Without uniform, it would be very difficult for us at I Love Meet and Greet to distinguish our staff from other valet parking companies’ workers, as well as the general public at the airport. Not only that, but we understand our uniforms ease the mind of our customers when they are handing over their car keys to an unfamiliar face and emphasise both trust and confidence in our brand.

Wearing a uniform doesn’t just change how a person looks or is viewed, but it also effects how a person behaves. People often take great pride in being part of a group identity and wearing a uniform allows them to be recognised as part of a team. Dwight David Eisenhower said: “When you put on a uniform, there are certain inhibitions that you accept.” The moment a person puts on a uniform, they have to obtain the responsibility that they are no longer just a person, but an ambassador of a brand.

The way in which a uniform is worn is also very important. A team of hundreds of people could all be wearing the same uniform, however the ways in which it is worn can make it seem very different. Uniforms need to be well looked after and worn in a neat and tidy fashion for them to be worthwhile. People can only judge a business on what they are presented with and therefore seeing smart, friendly staff in or out of the work environment can form a positive lasting impression on potential or current customers. Consistency is the key for building a uniform that becomes both recognised and respected.

It is important that a business must find the most appropriate uniform to represent their brand. At I Love Meet and Greet our staff spend a lot of time outside in all weathers, so their uniform consists of branded jackets, tops and hats (dependent on the weather) designed with our logo and signature colours. Erin McKean said: “Uniforms need to be appropriate. Soldiers could fight in leotards, but that’s never going to happen because leotards aren’t intimidating.”

By Sarah Anglim at 21 Mar 2014

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