Stansted Parking Team


Stansted Parking Team

We've been running our operation at Stansted Airport since November 2012 and are still building our team as our ever-popular service grows. The professional and friendly group of drivers are led by Clinton Marston, previously a manager at Meteor meet and greet. The Stansted team are always on hand to offer an outstanding and personable service for those who are looking to make the most of our Stansted meet and greet parking.

meet and greet Stansted team

I Love meet and greet Stansted team

  • Clinton Marston - Stansted Manager
  • Eric Kiddle - Supervisor
  • Mick Carter - Acting Supervisor
  • Jamie Eagle - Supervisor
  • Andy Blount - Supervisor
  • Andy Barnett - Meet and greeter
  • Jaroslaw Bieguniak - Meet and greeter
  • Robert Varga - Meet and greeter
  • Lee Bevan - Meet and greeter
  • Ali Kehdri - Meet and greeter
  • Karen Barclay - Meet and greeter
  • Stephen Rainbow - Meet and greeter
  • Mark Orloff - Meet and greeter
  • Mike Crane - DCM
  • Scott Irons - DCM
  • Paul Van Der Walt - Meet and greeter

The rest of the team also includes Emilia, Vicky, Alison, Ricardo, Ian, Maddie and Callie. Find the perfect solution to your travel dilemma online with I Love meet and greet and discover industry-leading airport parking at Stansted today.  

Stansted team

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Customer reviews

Recently I booked with yourselves for meet and greet from stansted airport 0400hrs on a Sunday morning ..however the M11 was closed southbound sending me on a cross country diversion..I was running late for my flight due to this. I called ahead to relay the problem and asked if I could be met straight away as I was worried I might miss my flight.To your staffs credit at 0430hrs when I arrived (rushing) there was a solitary person standing waiting for me.I was able to ditch my keys and run into the airport to catch my flight. I am fairly certain I would have missed it had it not been for the prompt service provided by yourselves. Your member of staff was calm,just took the keys with no fuss and allowed me to grab my bag and go. On return once again your staff were prompt reliable and friendly. I have used yourselves on several occasions and will continue in the future. Customer service is not about when things are going well but when you have a problem. Please feel free to use all or part of this as you deserve credit where credit is due. Thanks again

R Robinson Oct 2016