The top 5 in-flight essentials

Amongst the panic of trying to pack all of the necessities for a getaway, many people forget to consider what they might need for their flight. Apart from the obvious things like passports and tickets, there are a few other items that are definitely worth remembering to ensure your flying experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

At I Love Meet and Greet we’ve put together a list of the top 5 items that our customers have recommended as must haves for any flight.

The one thing that all of our customers agreed is essential for all flights, is a bottle of water (or any drink for that matter!). Although in most cases there will always be the opportunity to buy a drink during the flight, it’s always safe to take one with you to avoid dehydration. The last thing you want is to be very thirsty and having to wait for the drink service to slowly make its way round. Remember though, not to buy your water until you’ve been through security!

The second most popular thing our customers said makes every flight better is some headphones. Whether you use them to block out the sound of other passengers or to listen to music, they’ll definitely come in use. Our customers were quick to point out that headphones are nearly always the item they forget so a handy tip is to make sure you always pack them once you’ve updated your mp3/phone.

Now that most of us store our music on our phones, we don’t have to think about packing a separate device for this. However, along with listening to music, reading is also a great way of passing time whilst mid air so it’s always worthwhile to take along a book. With the invention of the kindle, you now don’t have to worry about which books to take as you can download thousands straight to the reading device.

You can never predict just how cold or hot your flight is going to be so our customers told us how it’s always best to pack a jacket. Not only will this come in great use once the aircon has kicked in and you need a little warmth, but jackets are also great for when you need a makeshift pillow to lean against!

Finally, we recommend that you always pack some refreshing wipes for any flight. You never just know when you might need them (especially when travelling with children). The wipes do exactly what you’d expect, refresh! It’s always nice to be able to clean your hands at your seat as appose to having to wait in a queue for the toilet.

We know that I Love Meet and Greet our service can’t make your in-flight experience any better but we can guarantee that we’ll start and end your holiday in the most practical and hassle free way possible!

By Sarah Anglim at 17 Aug 2014

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