Valentines Inspiration and Ideas

If you are looking to woo your partner with a city break for this year’s Valentines Day treat, Europe offers some of the most romantic cities (think Paris, Rome, Berlin) – all within a few hours flight time and full of beautiful hotels and fabulous restaurants. Have a look at the Telegraph’s top choices here.

The well-known romantic cities are an excellent choice to treat your partner, although there are other locations which are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Tallinn, Dubrovnik and Bologna all offer excellent food options, good accommodation and interesting culture for all budgets.

Obviously romance can mean different things to different people and with a little thought, a element of romance can be added to most trips. After, travel itself is often described in romantic terms, from the ‘holidate’ – a blind date abroad - to the more obvious honeymoon. Research in American claims that couple who regularly holiday together report higher levels of satisfaction with their relationship.

Valentines Hotels

Wherever you decide to visit, select your hotel carefully. Location within the city is important; for instance, can you easily walk to the restaurant or local sights. Maybe the hotel has its own attraction such as a roof-top bar or speciality cuisine. Think about the room too, does it capture the view? Does it have a romantic ambience?

Most hotels are able to source extras, at additional cost, so it is worth considering ordering flowers for the room, champagne for your arrival and maybe if it is available a spa treatment.

Restaurants for Valentines Day

Your choice of restaurant is going to significantly affect your romantic break. Are you brave enough to try a new cuisine or dining adventure or do you want to invoke memories of a previous time? Spend some time on your research before you go – use Trip Advisor as an independent guide but also do not be afraid to ask the restaurant questions – you might find they can make some interesting suggestions!


It is always a good idea to add a different experience to your city break as it create a new, and hopefully lasting memory. It can be the must-do experience such as walking up the Eiffel Tower or sitting in a gondola in Venice or a more contemporary event like the escape-themed games available across most European cities.

Getting Started

To get your romantic trip started in the best way possible, book valet parking at the airport and get met by a uniformed driver on the forecourt. This means you will not waste any time looking for a parking space or waiting for a transfer bus, allowing you and your partner to start enjoying your break much sooner.

By Sarah Anglim at 5 Feb 2018

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