Forecourt Charges Gatwick

On 8th March everyone dropping off orpicking up on Gtawick's forecourts are liable to a charge. This must be paid by midnight of the following day. However as we are a licensed Gatwick operator we are able to pay these charges for you. A £10 fee will be added to your parking to cover these charges and it is essential you provide us with correct car registration numbers before travelling otherwise you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

Read below Gatwick's press release

"Charge for vehicles using the North Terminal forecourt introduced this coming Monday (8 March), with South Terminal charge going live on 12 April
• New revenue stream being introduced to help the airport preserve jobs and recover as a result of
the significant effects of the Covid-19 pandemic
• Blue badge holders and staff employed on the airport campus will be exempt from the charge and
can register at
• Local commuters living in areas with limited public transport can also pay a £50 annual fee for two
visits to the train station each day by also registering at
• Free drop off or pick up will be available at the airport’s long stay car park
As previously announced, a £5 charge for vehicles dropping off passengers directly outside Gatwick’s North Terminal will be introduced this coming Monday (8 March). The charge will apply to all vehicles except for passengers holding a Blue Badge and staff employed on the airport campus, who can register for free access at
The charge is being introduced as a new revenue stream to help protect the business and preserve jobs following the significant financial impact , a loss of £465.5m and over 40% of its workforce, the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the airport.
Anyone who does not wish to pay the charge will be able to drop-off or pick-up passengers in the airport’s long-stay car parks with two hours free parking and a free shuttle bus to the terminal.
The charge will also be introduced at the South Terminal forecourt on 12 April, in preparation for the
expected restart of international travel following the Government’s COVID-19 roadmap.
Local commuters living in postcode sectors (RH6 0, RH6 9, RH11 0) with limited public transport access will be allowed two visits per day to use the train station by paying an annual £50 charge - after registering at
The introduction of a drop off charge will also encourage more sustainable journeys to the airport –
including use of Gatwick’s strong public transport links – and may also reduce traffic congestion. Reducing the airport’s environmental impact continues to be an important focus for the airport and Gatwick will contribute revenue generated from the drop off charge into the airport’s existing Sustainable Transport Fund.
Jonathan Pollard, Chief Commercial Officer, Gatwick Airport, said: “We recognise that a drop off charge is never going to be popular with some people, however given that we have just announced losses of £465 million and a reduction of more than 40% of our workforce in 2020, we have little choice but to explore new revenue streams to help us protect the remaining jobs.
“Equally, as we consider how to rebuild better, we hope this new scheme will also encourage passengers to consider more sustainable journeys to the airport, including using our excellent public transport facilities. A proportion of the revenue raised through the drop off charge will be used to support new sustainable transport initiatives, in addition to the investment in our new £150 million airport train station which is
progressing well.

”The charge will be £5 for 10 minutes, and £1 for each additional minute up to 20 minutes. The maximum charge will be £25 and the maximum length of stay 30 mins. People picking up passengers should continue to do so from the short stay car parks as it often takes more time to collect passengers. Short stay car park users are permitted a 30-minute stay for the same tariff (£5) as 10 minutes on the forecourts. Alternatively, passenger scan be picked up in the long stay car parks where parking is free for up to two hours, using the free shuttle bus from the Terminal.
Charging and enforcement – including penalty notices - will be managed using convenient barrier free technology and Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, operated by National Car Parks (EUK) Ltd.
Passengers can pay online using a range of payment methods including credit or debit card, Google and Apple Pay.
A Red Route system will be introduced across the airport campus to indicate that stopping to park, load or unload, board or alight from a vehicle is prohibited. Revenue raised through Red Route fines will also be used to fund sustainable transport initiatives under the guidance of the airport’s Transport Forum Steering Group. "

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