Forecourt Charges Gatwick

The use of Gatwick's forecourts are subject to a charge. The airport records by ANPR, every vehicle that crosses it's forecourts. The current charges are £6 per movement. This must be paid by midnight of the following day.

However, we are a licensed Gatwick operator and are able to pay these charges for you. A £12 fee will be added to your parking to cover these charges and it is essential you provide us with correct car registration numbers before travelling otherwise you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

Blue Badge holders are exempt for these charges but must apply to the airport for this exemption.

Gatwick Airport released this press article to inform the public why the forecourt charges at Gatwick were necessary
The introduction of a drop off charge will also encourage more sustainable journeys to the airport –
including use of Gatwick’s strong public transport links – and may also reduce traffic congestion. Reducing the airport’s environmental impact continues to be an important focus for the airport and Gatwick will contribute revenue generated from the drop off charge into the airport’s existing Sustainable Transport Fund.
Jonathan Pollard, Chief Commercial Officer, Gatwick Airport, said: “We recognise that a drop off charge is never going to be popular with some people, however given that we have just announced losses of £465 million and a reduction of more than 40% of our workforce in 2020, we have little choice but to explore new revenue streams to help us protect the remaining jobs.
“Equally, as we consider how to rebuild better, we hope this new scheme will also encourage passengers to consider more sustainable journeys to the airport, including using our excellent public transport facilities. A proportion of the revenue raised through the drop off charge will be used to support new sustainable transport initiatives, in addition to the investment in our new £150 million airport train station which is
progressing well.

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