Gatwick Airport Forecourt Charges

The use of Gatwick's forecourts is subject to a charge - the airport records by ANPR every vehicle that crosses its forecourts. The current charges are £6 for 10 minutes, with an additional £1 added every minute after this, up to 20 minutes total. All Gatwick Airport charges must be paid by midnight of the following day.

If you wish to avoid Gatwick Airport’s drop-off charges, you can park for FREE for up to 2 hours in Gatwick’s Long Stay Car Park, followed by a free shuttle bus to the terminals that arrives every 10-12 minutes.

As a licensed Gatwick operator, we can pay these charges for you. A £12 fee will be added to your parking to cover these charges and you must provide us with the correct car registration numbers before travelling, otherwise, you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

Blue Badge holders are exempt from Gatwick Airport’s drop-off charges, but must apply to the airport for this exemption. Holders canregister their vehicle with NCP.

Gatwick Airport Drop-Off Charges & Pick Up Charges

Gatwick’s Long Stay Car Park

Up to 2 hours - Free

Up to 30 mins - £6

Gatwick’s Short Stay Car Park

Up to 60 mins - £10

Up to 2 hours - £15.50

Up to 10 mins - £6

Gatwick’s Terminal Drop-off Area

Each additional minute (up to 20 mins) - £1

Max 30 min stay - £25

Why Gatwick Airport’s Charges Are Necessary

Gatwick Airport released a press article to inform the public why the forecourt charges were necessary. The introduction of Gatwick Airport’s drop-off charges will also encourage more sustainable journeys to the airport – including the use of Gatwick’s strong public transport links – and may also reduce traffic congestion.

Reducing the airport’s environmental impact continues to be an important focus and Gatwick contributes a proportion of the revenue generated from the drop-off charges into the airport’s existing Sustainable Transport Fund.

Gatwick Airport Charges FAQs

Is there a pick-up charge at Gatwick Airport?

The pick-up charge is the same as Gatwick Airport’s drop-off charge. This is a minimum of £6 in Gatwick’s Short Stay Car Park. To avoid Gatwick Airport’s pick-up charge, you can park for FREE for up to 2 hours in Gatwick’s Long Stay Car Park.

How can I pay for Gatwick Airport drop-off and pick-up charges?

You can pay Gatwick Airport’s drop-off and pick-up charges online via AutoPay or over the phone using an automated payment line on 0330 174 4503.

Is there a congestion charge for Gatwick Airport?

Gatwick Airport is outside of the newly expanded ULEZ zone and therefore you are not subject to a congestion charge.

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