Our Team

Our Team

The I Love meet and greet team have been carefully chosen to ensure the highest standards of customer service and expertise. Their skills have been built up over years of working with what was then the UK's largest meet and greet operator. Most of our drivers gained their experience at Meteor meet and greet and followed the management team when they left Meteor to share our passion for providing the best possible meet and greet service to all our clients.

Our admin team ensure you get the best prices when you book direct and are there to help sort out any queries.

Our staff fully believe in the I Love meet and greet values and recognise it is this brand which will create a working environment where professionalism thrives.The Company structure of our team is as follows;

  • Sarah Anglim – Managing Director
  • Tony Tucker – Commercial / IT Director
  • Mark Anglim – Operations Director
  • Nick Reay –Office Manager
  • Abbi Hannell - Senior Administrator
  • Clinton Marston - Stansted Manager
  • Steve Forster – SRF Communications – PR and Marketing Consultant

We then have two fabulous teams of dedicated members; one at Gatwick and one at Stansted. They have worked exceptionally hard over the last four years to ensure the service they deliver is unrivalled and made I Love meet and greet a name to remember and one that everybody loves!

Here are some of our original team

I Love meet and greet Gatwick team

We are all passionate about meet and greet parking and ensure our clients receive the best service at the best prices.

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Customer reviews

I have used many valet parking firms but this lot know what they are doing. Smiling, welcoming drivers on both parts of my journey made this parking experience the best yet.

Andrew McDonald - Maidstone,

Driver Comments

I enjoy parking cars but at I Love meet and greet, it is the people I work with and the customers I meet which make this a rewarding job.

Katie Brown, December 2012